Ambassador Product Review :: SKINS Compression


A200 Women’s Compression 3/4 Tights

Jess wearing her SKINS at Palm Beach Marathon and the Daytona 100 races.

After the recommendation of my coach, SKINS compression shorts and capris were a game changer for my training and races. They are comfortable and stay in place so no sliding around while you are moving, even after 100 miles!  They prevent me from experiencing chafe (huge plus in my book!) moisture is drawn away from your skin, so you stay dry and comfortable, which I had issues with even when I’d put on anti-chafe creams.  They are also compression, so they improve the circulation in my thighs, getting more fresh oxygen to my muscles as well, which has helped decrease soreness the day following a race or a long run. The fabrics have a UV protection of 50+, which means you can get out and train harder without worrying about the sun. Perfect for Sunny South Florida. I honestly won’t wear anything but Skins now for runs and races. Highly recommend them to any endurance athlete at any level. 

AT-A-GLANCE: PROS-Lots to name, but Anti-chafe is #1. CONS-Expensive, but worth the investment. Price: $79.99-$124.99

JESS  Jessie Rook    Half/Full/ Ultra marathon

2015 has been a good race year for Jess! A few “first Evers”… 1st Full Marathon (26.2 miles) (followed by 2nd & 3rd), First night trail run (10 miler), First ultra marathon (100 miles) & a few half marathons & some 5ks. Awesome race year with setting and meeting some pretty cool goals! Her eyes are now set on speeding up her Marathon time. She also has experience with MMA and HIIT training. Jessie follows a plant based diet and trains 6 days a week.

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  1. actually just wanted to complement you on a great review. very informative with a great perspective of your own thoughts.. this review helped decide to try out the skins. Have for some time been trying to pick between 2xu and skins.

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