Elite Team|Meet our 2015 DBRC Ambassadors!


Meet the Elite Team! Not only do they represent the DBRC while as athletes and in life, they are our official product testers. DBRC Ambassadors were hand selected to test new products, nutrition, and footwear. In turn, stay tuned to this blog to read the updates from each ambassador as they try out new things, slice out beneficial information, and experience the products tested.

JOEFALCONE  Joe Falcone     Ultra Marathon/Extreme Endurance 

Joe is a firefighter and certainly one of Delray Beach’s finest! Joe has completed Ironman Triathlons, 100 mile races, multi-day endurance challenges, ultra-distance obstacle courses, and anything that comes his way as a challenge.

JACLYNN  Jaclynn Johnston     Marathon

Jaclynn is a busy professional by day and an elite runner by night. Sacrificing much for her running career, Jaclynn is a multiple Boston Marathon qualifier, completing the Boston Marathon several times. She has earned a coveting spot on the DBRC Team as a Sponsored Athlete, taking home many overall and first place titles. Jaclynn is training for a sub 3 hour marathon finish. We know she’ll get there!

TRACI  Traci Phillips     Ultra Marathon/Extreme Endurance 

What can we say about Traci that hasn’t been described by others as “Amazing?” The protégé of celebrity coach Lisa Smith-Batchen, a few of her memorable races to date are the Xterra Mountain Ultra Series races in Colorado, the Donna 110 Ultra in Jacksonville, FL, the Keys100 and Desert Rats 148 mile Stage Race through the desert of Utah. Crazy!

SAM  Sam Starbuck     Marathon

As a native of the great state of Indiana, Sam found his way to running by way of a career ending baseball injury his sophomore year of college. Fast forward two years and he was a member of the Redpack at Wabash College. Since then, he has just kept running, and where he will stop, no one knows. He is a firm believer that if he can do it, so can you. Sam was the first PB County resident to cross the line at the Boston Marathon in 2015 with an amazing finish time of 2:37! We hope to see Sam reach the Olympic qualification standard. Sam is with the DBRC as a Fit Technician since 2014.

  Dawn Lisenby   Ultra Marathon/Trail/Coach

Dawn Lisenby has been running for the past 12 years. After beginning with road running, she soon began trail running, the longer the better, and fell in love with ultra running and its community.  This past year she completed her first 100.  She is a certified level 2 Newton Running Form coach and a Lydiard Level 2 running coach.  She is also a 1000 hr certified yoga instructor.  She works as a running and strength coach at RunNaturalCoach.  For the past 8 years she has been the RD for the Jacks 50k.  She is sponsored by Pearl Izumi, Trail Toes and Skratch Labs.  It is her aspiration to qualify next year for the Hardrock 100 and if chosen in the lottery run it in 2016!

Marilyn Bevans visits the DBRC!

Girls and women’s participation in sport has dramatically increased over the past 25+ years, and there are a number of professional women’s leagues today that did not exist in the 1980s. There’s also been a tremendous growing interest and fan base for women’s sports over the last quarter century.

Sadly dubbed as a pioneer, Marilyn Bevans, fell in love with endurance running in the wrong decade.

Marilyn Bevans was the first sub-three-hour, African-American female marathoner, and the first national-class black female American marathoner. Her personal best came in 1979, when she ran 2:49:56 at the 1979 Boston Marathon.

In November, she was inducted into the National Black Marathoners Association’s Distance Runner Hall of Fame. On National Running Day this June, we were fortunate to have her here at the Delray Beach Running Company where she is displayed on our mural.

Listen to this interview of how it was like to grow up as a black woman athlete, how she loves coaching now, and her beliefs that have lead her to success.