They’re not your average running group. They’re a community. Join the Black Girls RUN! Movement to take the first step in changing your life and the lives of thousands of women across the country. This aid station rambling sits down with the local Delray chapter and they discuss healthy bodies and healthy minds that equal a happy life along with the off topic halloween costumes and favorite running music. As always, you might feel smarter after listening to this episode, yet if not, you will definitely feel happier.


This aid station rambling stems on discussing the randoms of doing a half marathon once a month, hills, race stories, junk miles, DBRC events, and family. Listen in for tips, tricks, and stories of race strategy or race day gone bad! We extend our running community center with runthesunvirtual.com, Tap it on the Ave Series 2, and listen to this one on a 60 minute run because sometimes it’s just awesome to run and laugh with us and make the drivers wonder what is wrong with you. As always, you might feel smarter after listening to this episode, yet if not, you will definitely feel happier.

Advanced Team|Meet our 2015 DBRC Ambassadors!


Meet the Advanced Team! Not only do they represent the DBRC while as athletes and in life, they are our official product testers. DBRC Ambassadors were hand selected to test new products, nutrition, and footwear. In turn, stay tuned to this blog to read the updates from each ambassador as they try out new things, slice out beneficial information, and experience the products tested.

ULRIC  Ulrike Vernacchio    Marathon

Look up at any podium in South Florida and Ulrike will likely be there at the top spot. Competing in the Master’s category, Ulrike is a sub 3:28 marathon runner, multiple time Boston qualifier, and all around fierce competitor! Ulrike is originally from Sweden and travels internationally.

KAREN  Karen Fettner    Marathon

Karen has been running competitively for more than 11 years, completing more than 99 road races! Karen competes in the Master’s category, has qualified for Boston many times, and loves to run. Karen owns many First Place titles using the Galloway Training Method. Karen is an ER nurse and enjoys every mile. Her favorite quote is: “When your legs get tired, run with your heart.”

MARK  Mark Cudak    Marathon/ Ultra Marathon

Mark recently completed his first 100 mile ultra-marathon at The Keys 100. Mark is well-known in the ultra/trail running community and is a tough competitor, especially in brutal climates.

ADAM  Adam Bloom    Ironman Triathlon/ Marathon/Ultra-Marathon

In 2012, Adam was one of 12 US athletes selected to compete on the LIN National Performance Team alongside DBRC CEO Annie, who ran for the women’s team. Adam continues to compete and impress with half marathon times sub 1:29 and sub 17 min. 5K’s under his belt. Adam is currently in training for his first 100 mile race in November.

MARIO  Mario Blanco    Triathlon

Mario began his athletic pursuits as a surfer – and a really good one at that. He transitioned to triathlon and has become a fierce competitor. Mario has his sights on Kona and we doubt anything will stand in his way!