This aid station rambling stems on discussing the randoms of doing a half marathon once a month, hills, race stories, junk miles, DBRC events, and family. Listen in for tips, tricks, and stories of race strategy or race day gone bad! We extend our running community center with runthesunvirtual.com, Tap it on the Ave Series 2, and listen to this one on a 60 minute run because sometimes it’s just awesome to run and laugh with us and make the drivers wonder what is wrong with you. As always, you might feel smarter after listening to this episode, yet if not, you will definitely feel happier.

Novice Team|Meet our 2015 DBRC Ambassadors!


Meet the Novice Team! Not only do they represent the DBRC while as athletes and in life, they are our official product testers. DBRC Ambassadors were hand selected to test new products, nutrition, and footwear. In turn, stay tuned to this blog to read the updates from each ambassador as they try out new things, slice out beneficial information, and experience the products tested.

tom  Tom Asiala  Half/Full/ Ultra marathon

Tom has been in and out of running for decades, having completed a bunch of marathons, and several half’s. He eventually got involved with ultras, and completed the Keys 100 in 2009. After that things have slowed down, but there are several more marathons in the near future.

BETSY  Betsy Beyer    5K/Marathon

Betsy runs 4-5 times per week and is currently up to 685 miles for the year. She averages a little over 100 miles a month and up to 30 miles a week. She has run many 5k’s up to half marathons, enrolling in her first marathon – the Miami Marathon in January. She enjoys helping her friends train for races and loves everything running.

LIZ  Liz Clark   5K/Half-Marathon

The past three years she has been running 5ks, about one a month during the race season. This past race season she ran a few 5ks as well as my first 10k, 10 miler and half marathon. Liz does Crossfit a few times a week and a beach workout once a week.

JESS  Jessie Rook    Half/Full/ Ultra marathon

Jess has completed 7 half marathons, one full marathon and her second marathon seven weeks later in LA. She is currently training for her first 100 miler in Daytona, and then the Chicago Marathon in October. She also has experience with MMA and HIIT training. Jessie follows a plant based diet and trains 6 days a week.

ALLYSON  Allyson Sullivan    Half/Full Marathon

Whether she is closing a million dollar real estate deal in Delray Beach or zooming across the line at the Boston Marathon, Allyson is dedicated to anything she does, giving 100%, and enjoying each step along the way.