Marilyn Bevans visits the DBRC!

Girls and women’s participation in sport has dramatically increased over the past 25+ years, and there are a number of professional women’s leagues today that did not exist in the 1980s. There’s also been a tremendous growing interest and fan base for women’s sports over the last quarter century.

Sadly dubbed as a pioneer, Marilyn Bevans, fell in love with endurance running in the wrong decade.

Marilyn Bevans was the first sub-three-hour, African-American female marathoner, and the first national-class black female American marathoner. Her personal best came in 1979, when she ran 2:49:56 at the 1979 Boston Marathon.

In November, she was inducted into the National Black Marathoners Association’s Distance Runner Hall of Fame. On National Running Day this June, we were fortunate to have her here at the Delray Beach Running Company where she is displayed on our mural.

Listen to this interview of how it was like to grow up as a black woman athlete, how she loves coaching now, and her beliefs that have lead her to success.